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Optimize The Body’s Own Natural Ability To Heal


At CORELINK, we understand the interrelationships between the different health mechanisms of the body. We also believe that the body functions as one unit. We provide the best result with the least amount of treatment using a global approach and treating the source of your problem.


By following this approach, we can optimize the body’s own natural ability to heal, restoring the optimal balance while also fully restoring vitality and health. We focus on prevention and our therapy is complementary to conventional medicine. We work together with other health professionals if and when it is appropriate, so you can get a comprehensive care network from the moment you get in touch.


At CORELINK, we believe that through osteopathic treatment you will experience less pain and that your mobility and overall physical performance will improve. You will recover, restore and regenerate faster than ever before. Our treatments are fully designed to help you know and understand your problems, so you can manage your own wellness and health more efficiently. We believe that the first step to recovery is understanding the problem, so our first priority is to help you do just that.


CORELINK choose to embrace the philosophy of Osteopathy and this is just one of the many factors that set us apart from other health care providers. We model our treatments around four key principles, ensuring that you get the highest level of treatment and support at all times.
Structure Governs Function
Every structure that is in the body has an effect on the function of tissues and organs in relationship with that structure, and vice versa. The entire support structure works together to evenly distribute gravitational forces in weight bearing for coordinated movement. Dysfunction has an impact on the entire physiology affecting; abdominal pressure, autonomics, blood flow, immune defense, and vital regulation processes.
The Rule of the Artery is Absolute
All fluid that is in the body must circulate without any restriction, in order for tissues to perform their physiological functions. It nourishes and regenerates the body and help with waste/toxin removal, fluid stasis and congestion, transporting hormones and neurotransmitters, and immune defense. The function of the vascular and lymphatic system also helps with proper pressure mechanics throughout the body. Any restrictions in the body will impair cellular metabolism, circulation, lymph flow, the immune system and subsequently the overall health and vitality of the person.
The Body is a Functional Unit
The body is a full and complete functioning unit. Spiritual, emotional, physical and mental systems are operated in direct relation with one another, and therefore need to be treated as such. When pain, stress, environmental factors, adverse life events and psychological distress prevail there is often no more capacity to adapt to these stressors which may lead to dysfunction and disease. Restoring balance in the body as a whole will help modulate the physiological responses, increase vitality and harmonize the systems.
The Body Auto-Regulates
The body has the ability to auto-regulate and self-heal, and this can have a huge effect on its ability to maintain, repair and fight ailments and diseases. Normalizing the integrating function of the nervous and endocrine system, and balancing the continuity, coherence and flow of the central chain increases a person’s capacity to heal and auto-regulate.



Natalie Bestbier

Osteopathic Practitioner (D.O.M.P.) and Pilates InstructorNatalie completed her D.O.M.P at the Canadian School of Osteopathy. She originally graduated with a Bachelor’s Degree in Computer Science, following her passion, however, she certified as an BASI Pilates Instructor and holds diplomas in Personal Training as well as Sports and Fitness Therapy. While running her own Pilates studio in the United Kingdom, Natalie also gained a higher certificate in Osteopathic Studies from the British School of Osteopathy (BSO/UCO).


We can help you identify the cause of your dysfunction, as well as give you the guidance and support you need to improve your day to day life. We follow a non-invasive therapeutic approach, which uses unique treatment options with a wide range of gentle manual techniques, helping you to manage your pain and underlying conditions.


Don’t delay, your journey to health can start today with CORELINK. We can help you to make long lasting changes in your life. We will do whatever it takes to help you get on the road to recovery.
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