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COVID-19: What To Expect

COVID-19 Health and Safety Guidelines

Corelink Health has implemented the following guidelines to ensure the health and safety of our clients, staff, and community. We ask that all clients coming in for treatment to please read and follow our guidelines. We greatly appreciate your understanding of the extra steps required to ensure everyone’s safety.

1. Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)

  • Everyone that is entering our clinic will be required to sanitize their hands and put a mask on during treatment. Please bring your own if possible. If you do not have one or forget to bring one, we will have one available for you.
  • Feel free to bring other PPE you may want to use – gloves, eye protection, footwear, gowns.
  • All Practitioners will be wearing masks and clean clothes/gowns/coats for each client as per guidelines from Osteopathy BC.
  • We will be frequently cleaning and disinfecting high touch areas.

2. Before you Arrive

  • If you are feeling ill, please call and cancel your appointment. No Cancellation Fees will be charged at this time.
  • Please complete our COVID-19 Screening Questionnaire within 24 hours before arriving at our clinic to ensure you are safe for your appointment. This will be emailed to you the day before your appointment.
  • We prefer payment by Visa credit/debit, MasterCard credit/debit, or e-transfers. All receipts will be emailed to you.
  • Please wear loose/stretchy (no jeans) clothing. If you cannot get changed before arriving, please bring appropriate clothing for your appointment.
  • If possible, please leave all personal items at home or in your vehicle.

3. Arriving at our Clinic

  • Please arrive within 5 minutes before your appointment. This is important as all treatments will finish at their allotted time to avoid congestion in the clinic.
  •  When entering the clinic for your appointment, you will need to use the hand sanitizer.
  • We have adjusted our schedule to stagger Practitioner appointment times to avoid congestion in the waiting room.
  • Arrive alone unless you are a parent/guardian of a minor or caregiver.
  • We will only allow 2 people in the waiting room at a time.
  • Please respect physical distancing with other people that may be in the clinic.

4. During your Appointment

  • You will be asked the COVID-19 screening questions again.
  • All linen and accessories that are used during your appointment have been sanitized before use.
  • You will be required to wear your facemask while in treatment.
  • Your appointment will be 75 minutes in total.
  • Please note that there are only public washrooms available in the building which is not covered in our Safety Plan. Please use the washroom at home prior to leaving for your appointment.

5. After your Appointment

  • You will proceed to the exit and sanitize your hands once more on the way out.
  • Paper masks may be disposed of in the waste-bin near the exit. Please be sure to sanitize your hands after removing a mask.
  • We will disinfect all beds, pillows, chairs, high touch surfaces, door handles, washroom keys, and electronics between each client.

We understand this is a significant adjustment, but we want to ensure the safety of everyone. We look forward to seeing you and helping you.

If you would like to see all of our Policies and Protocols to ensure your safety, please see our full COVID-19 Safety Plan.


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